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A message from the Maricopa Chapter 2017 President, Diana Theos
Diana Theos


As another exciting year at AWLA draws to a close, I wanted to take a minute to remind everyone of what we accomplished this year as an organization.  Our mission in a nutshell is to provide women attorneys in the Maricopa County Chapter opportunities to grow in their practices and to attain advancement personally and professionally.  We provide women with a chance to work within the organization on committees.  This work is vital to the viability of our organization and is an excellent place to develop and gain leadership skills. 


Toward that goal, we sponsored members to participate in Ladder Down, a professional development program for women lawyers.  We are again providing this opportunity to our members for 2017.  Our Leadership Appointments Committee helps members achieve their goals of serving the community by becoming members of boards, commissions and non-profit organizations.  Our Judicial Appointments Committee assists members to become judges and commissioners in Maricopa County.  Each month, our Luncheon Committee develops a program that often offers CLE on timely topics of interest and an opportunity to network.  Our busy Membership Committee is charged with the task of recruiting and retaining members – this goal is marked by the enjoyment of many at well-attended social events throughout the year.  Our Professional Development Committee provides members with opportunities for business development, client development, networking, and personal growth, through formal programs and CLE. 


We are professional women, but we also like to have fun!  Some of our fun events include public service events, athletic events, picnics, and happy hours.  One of our truly fun events is our annual Wine and Cheese Event that recognizes the accomplishments and service of a member in assisting and mentoring women attorneys.  Each year the Wine and Cheese Committee selects potential candidates to receive the Justice Ruth V. McGregor Award.  The committee also plans the event by raising money from sponsorship from corporate sponsors and law firms. 


Dear Members - we hope that you will continue to participate in the organization, and we commit to you, our members, that we will continue to provide the same high quality programming to meet your professional and personal interests.  Please plan to join us on our journey through 2017. 


Diana Theos,

President, Maricopa Chapter - 2017


You can browse our committee roster to see what committees the Maricopa Chapter sponsors along with the email addresses of the chairs. If you are interested in joining a committee please contact them directly. Click on the link below and scroll down to the Maricopa subcommittees currently available. You must be logged into the website as a member to see the Committee Roster (or click on "Committees" on the left menu bar).  


If you are not a member and need additional information, please contact our Executive Administrators, Joanne LaSalle or Alexis Merritt, at

Want to attend a local event in your area? Just click on the link below or go to the Event Calendar on the menu bar. All Maricopa events appear in blue.  Some events are members-only.


                                     2017   Diana Theos
                                     2016   Rosemarie Pena-Lynch

     2015   Roberta Tepper
     2014   Melissa M. Zabor

                                     2013   Laura J. Zeman-Mullen

                                     2012   Sheri D. Shepard

                                     2011   Barbara McCoy Burke

                                     2010   Danielle D.Janitch                        

                                     2009   Carrie A.Kercsmar                                                

                                     2008   Mayar Daiza

                                     2007   Juliet R. Peters

                                     2006   Susan Hable Purtill

                                     2005   Helen R. Davis

                                     2004   Cari M. Gerchick

                                     2003   Mary Beth Pfister

                                     2002   Paige A. Martin

                                     2001   Consuelo M. Ohanesian

                                     2000   Dawn R. Gabel

                                     1999   Ann A. Scott Timmer

                                     1998   Diane L. Drain

                                     1997   Thea Silverstein

                                     1996   Helen Perry Grimwood

                                     1995   Jodi M. Weisberg

                                     1994   Cheri L. McCracken

                                     1993   Mariannina E. Preston

                                     1992   Nancy Timmerman Landry

                                     1991   Anne L. Kleindeinst

                                     1990   Cynthia L. Shupe

                                     1989   Hon. Sherry Hutt

                                     1988   Barbara A. Markham

                                     1987   Marcia Waterman Davis

                                     1986   Susan G. Wintermute

                                     1986   Linda Buethe

                                     1985   Daphne Budge

                                     1984   Hon. Susan R. Bolton

                                     1983   Anna C. Bronnenkant

                                     1982   Susan M. Swick

                                     1981   Charleen H. Greer

                                     1980   Charleen H. Greer

                                     1979   Lucia Fakonas Howard
                                     1978   Lucia Fakonas Howard






Interested in some of Maricopa Chapter's history? You can click on the button below to view any of the archived Newsletters and some of the articles that were previously published.

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